viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

Heitor Pereira Film Music

Nice compilation of this composer/guitarrist who was born in Brazil and works for Hans Zimmer. Here you'll find selections of "Riding In Cars With Boys", "Real Women Have Curves", "Dead In The Water", "I Am Sam", etc. Covers are included.

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IM24CTU dijo...

Awsome stuff, Dude could you re-upload "POLLUX" promo please?


PS: I'm looking for these rare scores

Louis Febre (Selected Film & TV music)

Swimfan (promo) - Louis Febre

Scooby Doo and The Alien Invaders (promo score) - Louis Febre

Adam Coden (Selected Film & TV Music: 1999)

Steve Bartek (Selected Cues - promo - 20 tracks, 33:09)url=

"Walter Murphy" (Selected Film & TV Music: 2003 (11 min. Blue Focus Management CD-R compilation promo)" it has some music from "Family Guy" and others

Brian Tyler (Selected Film Music)

Max Keeble's BIG Movie (Promo Score) - Michael Wandmacher

Thanks again.

Bac Hylon dijo...


I can't download anything from Filesend. It just gets me a 0 bytes file. Anyone has the same problem? :-(

Julio Henrique dijo...

Hello my friend, this is the very first time I came to your blog, and it's fantastic. Congratulations.
Is it possible for you to repost the link for "Return to the Blue Lagoon", by Basil Poledouris? I'm looking for this score for a very long time.
Thnak you very much.

Julio Henrique dijo...

Hello Peti, it's me again. I've found the re-up for Poledouris' Return to the Blue Lagoon. Thanks again.

Thrillerlife dijo...

Podria pedirte por favor que vuelvas a subir Antitrust soundtrack? Lo he estado buscando por años, por favor....
Lo espero

Un abrazo

Altrotiroaltroregalo dijo...

Hi Peti!
Your site is fantastic! ;D
Have a nice day!
Ciao dall'Italia! :D

Soundtrackslover dijo...
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Soundtrackslover dijo...

Thanks a lot for all your works!

Check out here:

John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Joe Hisaishi, ...

More to come!

Tlkjwe dijo...

Hi Peti!
Your site is really great!!!

Could you reupload
"Andes To Amazon"
by composer Nicholas Hooper

Searching for this score a very long time.
Thanks in advance!!!
Best regards!

Álvaro Miguel dijo...

Hi, Thanks so much for sharing all these. I wanna ask you for any of some soundtracks that i´ve been looking for but never found, these are: Wild Orchid Soundtrack (has good critics), return to Two Moon Junction Soundtrack by Joseph Conlan; Two Moon Junction Soundtrack by Jonathan Elias; Delta of Venus or Red Shoe Diaries by George S. Clinton.

Sorry for the request.

Tlkjwe dijo...

Hi Álvaro Miguel!
Can upload
Two Moon Junction Soundtrack by Jonathan Elias.
Post the link here as soon as possible.


Tlkjwe dijo...

Here it is,
Two Moon Junction (by Jonathan Elias):

Kenneth dijo...

If somebody are interested, this is an emule link to:
Von Ryan's Express - complete score DVD rip from isolated audio track !

music by Jerry Goldsmith !

link: (cut and past it on the direct lian download tool from emule)

Kenneth dijo...

sorry, the link is cut...

this is the complete link: (re-place it on ONE LINE when you download it by emule)


Gt dijo...

Hey buddy, still lovin your blog!

Do you have the Wind and the lion 2 disc?
And do you have Gallipoli (the 80's version with Gibson)?

thanks for everything

Madmartigan dijo...

Excelente trabajo compilatorio de Pereira. Gracias Peti!

Anónimo dijo...

Buen Aporte, Se Agradece Mucho... Saludos :D