viernes, 30 de mayo de 2008

John Barry: The Concert

A concert released in 1972 in LP and performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, here you'll enjoy suites of James Bond, Born Free, Midnight Cowboy, Alice Adventures In Wonderland, Mary Queen Of Scots and the TV theme of The Adventurer. Unfortunately, this last track is damaged and incomplete, if someone gets the full track please let me know here.

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Steve dijo...


here's that final track for thsi classic LP

Peti dijo...

hey steve!

thank you so much for the track :-)

victor dijo...

hola nuevamente soy victor y te agradesco tu atencion
soy el que te pedi los links de morrricone ,shifrin y hanz
y quizas de la pista no. 6 de este clasico lp.
my mail .

mil gracias