viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

About updates... and re-ups

Hello people, as you may saw I didn't post anything since some weeks, is only because I'm really with lot of work, but be calm... will keep the blog working he he. If everything goes well next week will include many great updates.

Hope you understand and thanks for your support and kind messages!!!

Also, please use this post to let me know which re-uploads you want, will try to give you all.

Best regards!!

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Anónimo dijo...

would like the Fenton Delerue Concert again. The link no longer works. Cheers.

tony dijo...

Hello Peti!
I'll always be here to enjoy you, and your wonderful posts!

All the best :)

Gomosito dijo...

Dear Pety
You are an angel, for ever we are waiting for you and your wonderfull posts!
Please if you can upload the soundtrack from the movie beautiful creatures with tracks from murray gold, and the bso from the movie la soif l'or from the year1993 composed by vladimir cosma, and the bso from the film desperately seeking susan composed by thomas newman and please the bso from the series return to eden composed by brian may if you can

Gav63 dijo...

Dear Peti!
Your blog is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing all the great stuff with us! Very much appreciated!!!! Can you pleeaaaaase re-upload the Transformers: The Game score? You would really make my day!!!
Thanks in advance!

liamke dijo...

No problemo amigo,
It's vacation time for everybody,and some days we have some things to do...
keep turning the good work!

See you,

Anónimo dijo...

Hola Peti, desearía que volvieras a poner el enlace para descargar 'Moonlight & Valentino' de Howard Shore. Muchas gracias por tus posts. Desde Barcelona un abrazo,

jean dijo...

Hello Petit!

I find some beautifull soundtrack in your blog, but Unfortunately not the one I would like to download, If you could reupload the folowing and of course if you have the possibility it would be great.

Taken .
Gold .
Boffalo soldiers.
Hanz Zimmer live in Concert since this concert where in my country and I don't got the chance to see it.
And if it possible Could you find the jerry Goldmith Mummy's two CD.( Extended).

I wich all the best, And thanks for ever you doing for share such great soundtracks.

Anónimo dijo...

Can you please re-upload Buffalo Soldiers. Thanks and regards, Holger

Peti dijo...

Thanks for your posts, I took note of everything ;-)

Keep posting!

liamke dijo...

Can you re-upload,
Eight legged freaks ,compl score and
The Touch(Poledouris),orig. release.

thanks man,

Peti dijo...

Thanks Liamke, I'll include them too.

Keep posting people, I'm re-uploading all your requests ;-)

Anónimo dijo...

Hey Peti

Please can you re-upoad the Brokeback Mountain Score?

I need it really badly!

Thanks a lot & keep going!

Best regards!

danny80 dijo...

When will you put a new video of your dog?
I really loved the one with the Rachel Portman's Road to Wellville!

Gav63 dijo...

Hello Peti,
did you have the chance yet to re-upload "Transformers-The Game" yet? Can't wait to listen to it!!!
Take care

Peti dijo...

Don't worry gav, Transformers will be up this week. And also a new video will come because... because... hmmm, surprise surprise.

Anónimo dijo...

Oh yes, Peti must be an angel, a good and loyal person, and a funny man.

Sweet kisses to Peti, hmmm


Anónimo dijo...

could you please re-up the score from Home on the range ?

Anónimo dijo...

Jack Sparrow,please! :-)