viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


Amigos y vecinos,

nuevamente quiero invitarlos a escuchar el programa de radio de cada sábado, y a partir de mañana con 2 detalles adicionales:

1. Cambio de horario: el programa empezará a las 17hs. hora argentina (22hs España / 16hs. Chile)

2. Concurso: la semana pasada de manera casual incorporamos un juego para adivinar bso en vivo y en directo para los oyentes que ingresaban al chat durante el programa, estuvo genial, por lo cual lo estaremos integrando en el programa.

Espero puedan oirnos y participar desde luego.

La dirección para poder escuchar y entrar al chat es:

Difundan la noticia!!!


2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Hi! Really awesome blog. Thx for all the wonderful music! Been trying to find some more.
Could you please re-upload:

- Brian Tyler "The Settlement"
- Brian Tyler "Bug"

And maybe you can find and upload:

- Christopher Tyng's Music to the 2008 "Knight Rider" Television Movie
- more Knight Rider Music by Morton Stevens or Don Peake [NOT just the official released "Stu Phillips Scores" (FSM Silver Age Classics, 2005), "The Best Of Don Peake, Volume 1" (Hitchcock Media, 2004) and "Don Peake - Knight Rider" Compilation, Volume 1 (Hi-Tech Records, 2000).
Will ther ever be any "Volume 2"?]
- "T.J. Hooker" by Mark Snow and John Davis III [NOT the fanmade one:]
- "The Fall Guy" by Stu Phillips
- Dennis McCarthy "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"
- Peter Manning Robinson's "The Crow - Stairway to Heaven". This one exists...but was made for cast and crew only [].
- Andy Summers' Music for The 1989 Ted Kotcheff Film "Weekend At Bernie's" starring Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman and Terry Kiser.
- The Music By Peter Wolf for the 1993 Sequel "Weekend At Bernie's II"
- John Du Prez' Scores for "Turtles" (I,II,III); the official SBK Records Releases mainly includes songs
- Stanley Clarke' Music Score for The 1991 Vanilla Ice Feature Film "Cool As Ice", not the SBK Soundtrack
- and maybe there´s floating around an expanded John Williams score for Oliver Stone's "Nixon"???

I know it’s a long list of request, but … who can find but you.

Peti dijo...

He he thank you so much for your message, really cool requests, will see what can we get... ;-)